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19323   1 3/8" Wheat Alter Bread - 1000 Count
18236   1 3/8" White Altar Bread - 750 Count
18045   1 3/8" Whole Wheat Alter Bread - 250 Count
4578F   1 oz. Pouch of Frankincense
4578   1 oz. Pouch of Sweet Myrrh Incense
40748   10 Inch - San Damiano Crucifix
42s-10w   10 Inch - Walnut Sick Call Set
44   10" Advent Candles
CWC10   10" Clover Walnut Crucifix
24841   10" Premium Advent Candles
SWC10   10" Standing Walnut Crucifix
WT10-S   10" Walnut Tutone Crucifix
cdb665-12   12" Guardian Angel Baptismal Candle
21955   12.5" White Holy Family Statue
11821   13.75 Inch - Renaissance Crucifix
GSC-Cross   15 Inch Gold Standing Cross
20727   15.5" Archangel Michael Statue
VCS   16 Inch - Veronese Crucifix
20721   16" Large Advent Candles - 4 Piece Set,
Pr90   16" x 20" Madonna of the Lillies Picture
62687   20 Inch - Renaissance Crucifix
32120   20.5 Inch - Kiddy Wood Rosary
5461   2018 Christian Prayer Guide
5460   2018 Liturgy of the Hours Guide
R-1740   3.5 Inch - Gold Plated Reliquary
43084   4 Inch - Pink Cradle Medal Boxed
43082   4 Inch, Boxed - Blue Cradle Medal
17481   4.75" RCIA Pewter Cross
2155-04   5.5 Inch - Praying Boy Cross in Glazed Porcelain
2155-03   5.5 Inch - Praying Girl Cross in Glazed Porcelain
17742-2040-01   5.5" Black Wood Metal Bound Crucifix
6   50" Italian Alabaster Wall Rosary
185rq   6mm Genuine Rose Quartz Rosary
185te   6mm Genuine Tiger's Eye Rosary
185tq   6mm Genuine Turquoise Rosary
SSE-P   7 Secrets of the Eucharist
WC7-S   7" Walnut Crucifix
2160   8 Inch - Saint Benedict Crucifix
20534   9" Saint Michael Holy Water Font
dref-p   A Drama of Reform
RFS-M   A Family Retreat with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
HG-P   A Handbook on Guadalupe
HOA-P   A History of Apologetics
LWK-H   A Life with Karol
9780967149219   A Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court
PILJ-P   A Pilgrim's Journey
9780898704389   A Shorter Summa
Sou-p   A Soldier Surrenders
ssv-p   A Still Small Voice
9780895550705   Abridged Mystical City of God
23595A   Act of Contrition Pillow Case
1462   Advent and Christmas: Wisdom from Fulton J. Sheen
18455   Advent and Christmas: Wisdom from Padre Pio
20058   Advent and Christmas: Wisdom from St. Benedict
818196   Advent and Christmas: Wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas
15351   Amethyst Glass Rosary with Stain Glass Crucifix
ETHS-P   An Exorcist Tells His Story
1191x   An Introduction to Philosophy
9781586172138   An Invitation to Faith
24938   Anchor with Eagle Silver Medal
1447   Andrea Borcelli - Sacred Arias
46687   Angel Comforting Jesus - 7 Inch
47624   Angel Holding a Dove Figure - 46.75 Inch
9780898705508   Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know About Them?
1586x   Angels and Devils
RFC-M   Animated Rosary for Kids
2469   Anointing Oil Frankincense and Myrrh
9781553693802   Anti-Abortionist at Large
9780964261099   Any Friend of God's is a Friend of Mine
245apr   April Birthstone Rosary
9781586170165-ACD-P-   Architects of the Culture of Death
9780898705256-AFD-P   Arise from Darkness
mahrs-d   Audio Book: Mother Angelica
rsh a-d   Audio Book: Rome Sweet Home
245aug   August Birthstone Rosary
3698   Austrian Crystal Rosary Bracelet
9780898704228   Back to Virtue
9781586174033   Be a Man!
9781586172008   Because God is Real
1671-02   Beige Ostrich Skin Pattern Rosary Case
Ber2-m   Bernadette
Boll-p   Bernadette, Our Lady's Little Servant
1792x   Bible History Workbook
0515x   Bible History- Ignatius Schuster
1776x   Bible History: A Textbook of the Old and New Testament for Catholic Schools
2597   Bible Stories for Catholic Children
18802   Black Communion Kit
1671-01   Black Faux Ostrich Skin Rosary Pouch
15353   Black Rosary with Stain Glass Crucifix
1667-01   Black Vinyl Rosary Case
13906   Black Wooden Rosary with Black Enamel Crucifix
18824   Black Wooden Rosary with Black Wood Crucifix
BJHN-H   Blessed John Henry Newman
RY46   Blue and Purple Auto Rosary (One Decade)
91192   Blue Crystal Rosary
22659B   Blue Lace Mantilla
278   Blue Porcelain Baby in a Basket with a Rosary
9780899425344   Blue Saint Joseph New American Bible Revised Edition Catholic
2427   Book of Saints for Catholic Children
26288   Boy's Communion Folder - 4 Piece Set
13170   Boy's Deluxe Communion Gift Set - 7 Piece
23406   Boy's First Communion Armband
5611   Boy's First Communion Gift Set - 5 Piece Set
22717   Boy's First Communion Kit
9780898703146   Brave New Family
9780884898849   Break Through!
Bf:BK   Brother Francis- Born into the Kingdom DVD
BF:F   Brother Francis- Forgiven! DVD
BF:LP   Brother Francis- Let's Pray!
BF:BL   Brother Francis- The Bread of Life DVD
BF:M   Brother Francis- The Mass DVD
BF:R   Brother Francis- The Rosary DVD
BF:S   Brother Francis- The Saints DVD
22197   Brother Francis: O Holy Night DVD
1671-05   Brown Ostrich Skin Pattern Rosary Pouch
7518   Brown Scapular
1628   Brown Scapular with White Cord
165mr   Brown Wood Handcrafted Rosary
21706   Burgundy Wedding Family BIble
9781574551105   Catechism of the Catholic Church
CATE-T   Catechism Tabs
17985   Catholic Bible Dictionary - Scott Hann
978089942997   Catholic Bible for Children
13004   Catholic Book of Prayers
9780898707984   Catholic Christianity
CLC-D   Catholic Latin Classics
9780310900573   Catholic Women's Devotional Bible
1119295602   Catholicism All-in-One for Dummies
9780898701777   Catholicism and Fundamentalism
70750   Celtic Advent Wreath
22027   Celtic Advent Wreath Cross
51550   Centennial Fontanini Holy Family - 5 Inch Scale, 3 Piece
57512   Centennial Fontanini Mary Figure - 5 Inch
57511   Centennial Fontanini Saint Joseph Figurine - 5 Inch
k206   Chalice and Scale Paten
18460   Chaplet of Divine Mercy
DMSCD   Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song
9781586172800   Charity in Truth, Caritas et Veritate
23124-34239   Children's Plush Advent Wreath
1387x   Christ and the Americas
1884x   Christ and the Americas Workbook
1766   Christ the King Lord of History
1754x   Christ the King Lord of History Workbook
0899424066   Christian Prayer Book
0764555006   Christian Prayer for Dummies- Richard Wagner
9780898704525   Christianity for Modern Pagans
chufa2-h   Church Fathers and Teachers
9781586172459   Church Fathers: From Clement of Rome to Augustine
COG-P   Citadel of God
CF-M   Clare and Francis DVD
CLAC-P   Classic Catholic Converts
42117   Classical Guardian Angel Figurine - 10 Inch
272   Clear Acrylic Crystal Wall Rosary
11611   Clinging Cross
9781586171018   Compact Bible with Zipper (RSV)
3017   Confirmation Cross with Dove
ctt-p   Crossing the Tiber
13146   Crown of Thorns Cross
41248   Crucifix Triptych Scene - 12 Inch
Z114118   Crystal Pierced Sterling Miraculous Medal
C748CR   Crystal Rosary Bracelet
18817   Dark Brown Wood Rosary
Ry 39br   Dark Brown Wooden Auto Rosary (One Decade)
dark-nightx   Dark Night of the Soul
DGP-p   Dear and Glorious Physician
245dec   December Birthstone Rosary
DFWD-P   Defenders of the Faith in Word and Deed
23038   Deluxe Leather Family Wedding Bible
2557   Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska
9780965922883   Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?
JLN-p   Did Jesus Have a Last Name? And 199 Other Questions from Catholic Teenagers
18141   Dispute of the Eucharist 18"x24"
m17s   Divina Misericordia Mensaje y Devocion
41255   Divine Mercy Statue - 10 Inch
dihtg-sm   Do I Have to Go? 101 Questions about the Mass, the Eucharist, and Your Spiritual Life
23416   Dual Sided St. Christopher and St. Raphael Sterling Silver Medal
ES-P   Edith Stein
Esc-p   Edith Stein and Companions on the Way to Auschwitz
ECA-P   Edmund Campion
ECAMP-H   Edmund Campion: A Life
43822   Embossed Rosary Card
20573   Embroidered Chasubles
EM   Eucharistic Miracles
9780898702972   Everything You Wanted to Know About Heaven
hr-03   Extra Small Holy Rosary Book
1628 xs   Extra Small Scapular
FHLFS-M   Faith, Hope, and Love with Fulton J. Sheen
17576   Fancy Sterling Silver Crucifix
9780898709537   Father Brown of the Church of Rome
FDB-P   Father Damien and the Bells
2626   Father's Manual
fat-m   Fatima Documentary DVD
245feb   February Birthstone Rosary
FFAM-M   Finding Fatima
17677   First Communion Black Rosary
rb3010sw   First Communion Charm Bracelet
FCOM-M   First Communion DVD
23595FC   First Communion Pillow Case
20405   First Communion Wall Hanging Cross
17252   First Communion White Rosary

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